Web Hosting

You want a website but aren't sure where to start, or perhaps you have a web site but are tired of paying too much to keep it hosted. Regardless of the situation we can help you move or create your website on an affordable web host that won't charge you for services you may not even need.

Web Applications & Web Services

Are you still using paper forms and a paper review process? Using any variety of technolgies ranging from PhP to C# and/or Java we can help you transition from a paper process to a fully online and customizable application. Not only will applicants be able to apply online but your reviewers will be able to look over the applications and even perform ratings.
C Sharp

Web Design & Layout

CSS3 and HTML5
Sometimes users already have an idea of what they want their website to look like but perhaps are haivng trouble putting the design together or are missing custom graphics to complete the site's look and feel. We can help with any step in the process whether it's the CSS setup or some quick photoshop edits to put your site over the top.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Did you know that when you perform a Google Search the context of your location is automatically filled in? This means that what you see when you google your company's name is different that what someone on a different continent may see. Many business may not care about such differences, perhaps you just want to be the top of your local results. Well whether you're looking to be number 1 globally or locally we can help you better your search results and setup analytics to help you identify weaknesses and stregnths.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Android Application Development

Android Tools
In many cases a company may already have a website that they've been using for years, but now are ready to take things to the next level. Android applications are a logical step for many businesses to crack the mobile market. They offer users a connection on the go! Even if it's just to check a business's hours a mobile application can expand your market base and even earn you some revenue through ads.

Small/Medium Business Consulting & Training

Change isn't easy, we all struggle against it, especially when it comes to technology. We're here to help make your transition easier. We can come to you and evaluate where upgrades would be beneficial whether it's your whole Windows XP computer to your inkjet printer we can help you move forward and don't worry with any upgrade service we won't leave you hanging; we provide training for both the software and hardware packages we setup.
Upgrade Technology